Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Muddy Dog Media

As many of you know, The Muddy Dog has morphed into Muddy Dog Media.

I am on a one-woman mission to make sure the next generation grows up with the idea that you aren’t entitled to anything – things worth having are worth earning! We may hand out trophies to kids for merely being on a sports team, but your boss isn’t going to give you a medal just for attending a meeting!

I was recently on Fox & Friends, talking about personal responsibility with Gretchen Carlson and 2 million viewers. (http://video.foxnews.com/v/1569309473001) The premise of my book, "The Responsibility Rules: Living a Self-Disciplined Life in a Self-Entitled World" – including talking about the implications of entitlement and its accompanying victim mentality - resonates with people because they see a lack of personal responsibility all around them, in government, in the workplace, schools and colleges, institutions and even in their own families – especially children (and their all-too-indulgent parents).

The interview ended at 8:55am – and at 8:56am the phone calls, emails and orders for my book started pouring in – and they haven’t stopped. Personal responsibility is a topic about which people are passionate!

This is a grass roots effort - I don’t have an agent, an editor or a publisher. If you would like to help me spread the word on the Power of Personal Responsibility and know of a group, school, business or church that would like a speaker on the topic, please let me know!

Please come and visit my new site, SusanDench.com or contact me at susan@susandench.com. I'm looking forward to having you join the conversation!